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Honey Bear Tea Towel


This adorable bear tea towel makes drying your dishes a lot more bearable.  Great as a gift or decorative item in your own kitchen.  

MamaBeehive™ Products

  • Beehive Products  Include: 
  • Pure , American, Raw Honey-Certified SC 
  • 100% Beeswax Candles
  • Honey Bee Education
  • Bee Gifts in Studio B
  • Available locally at these locations

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This Squeezy bottle is so convenient. The dripless lid makes for less clean up, (unless of course if you recycle it for a bathtub squirt toy!). We have our hives sitting all across York County, SC. on farms to fields and forest. Our bees are always working either sipping nectar or pollinating.  Serve our nutritious and delicious American honey at your table.  



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Sally Adams

SC Beekeeper of
the Year

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To read a recent article on MamaBeehive open magazine and turn to page 26-30.

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Thanks for stopping by, and keep it here for healthy, delicious Honey and 100% Beeswax Candles and for Honey Bee Education. For up to date Beekeeping information swing by the Beekeepers Korner, and find products for honey bee lovers in Studio B.  If you need Honey Bee education get The Bee Ladies to show you how to Be the Bee...  Please look around the site and go ahead and register, then, when you're ready to check out, it will bee a snap. And not to worry, because we are a safe site. 
As my Dad used to say, "loose lips sink ships" and we aren't having that! So again,
we are a safe site.
Thank you for visiting with us, and bee on the lookout for the special 'freebee' that comes with every purchase.  

We are a full service Beekeeping Operation in Clover, SC.  A woman owned company that offers delicious, Blue Ribbon honey, 100% beeswax candles, smart fun with Honey Bee Education and consultant services for integrating honey bees with your sustainability program.   The holistic beekeeping methods we use in our beehives across York County, SC keep all our bees and beehive products pure and natural.  We truly are dedicated to keeping healthy bees in the beehive and healthy honey on your table.  

In the Candle Studio, we hand pour each beeswax candle to your order!  All our candles are 100% Beeswax which means healthy air in your home. 100% Beeswax Candles emit negative ions, which clear the air of pollutants!  That warm golden glow is soothing, drips less, and has no added fragrance.  Federal regulations let candles with only 51% beeswax be labeled beeswax, but with MamaBeehive candles you never have to worry what's in the other 49%. The only thing we add to your candle is an all cotton wick.  For our wholesale clients- UPC labels are available.

Studio B is the place to visit for Beeautiful Bee Jewelry by Nan, retro Tea Towels hand stitched by Great Grandma Patti, and wild bee wind spinners.  Check us often for new bee gifts.

Come meet some of us at MamaBeehive-About Us
MamaBeehive Honey Farm
Clover, SC  29710
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